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I am an author, fiber artist, and a CZT (Certified Zentangle® Teacher) from Anchorage, Alaska, and the owner of Alaska Locker Hooking Etc. and Tangle Alaska. I love all sorts of arts and crafts but I seem to come back to anything "fabric, yarn, beads, and Zentangle®". I sell my locker hooking and crochet epatterns and ebooks in my online "Etsy Shop". And when I'm not making something, I teach Zentangle® art workshops online at

Crochet Round Rag Rug
Fiber Art

I enjoy crocheting and designing patterns and teaching classes whenever I can.  I love to crochet and felt wool bowls, and then add fun embellishments. I also love to crochet rag rugs. I have epatterns for sale in my online Etsy Shop.


I love to try different crafts especially if it involves fabric, yarn, beads, paper, or Mod Podge!  I enjoy different needlework and rug making such as punch needle, needle felting, braiding, and stitching.  I also enjoy making jewelry, silk painting, and quilting (which actually started the whole thing!).


Locker Hooking
Locker Hooking

My business, Alaska Locker Hooking Etc., was started in 1999 when I wrote and self-published the first and most comprehensive book on locker hooking with fabric, entitled, "Locker Hooking With Fabric Strips", ©1999.  This book started a “locker hooking revolution” from Anchorage, Alaska and throughout the USA!  I've enjoyed many years of doing shows, demonstrations, Alaska State Fair, and teaching locker hooking classes through the Anchorage Community schools, Michael's Arts & Crafts store and Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts store.  Want to learn how to locker hook?  Start with the Beginning Locker Hooking Kit! You can find epatterns in my online shops.


Locker hooking is an "old "rug hooking technique" and thought to have originatated in Great Britain in the early 1900's. It is different from latch hooking and traditional rug hooking.  It's an unique art, in that the yarn is "inside" the fabric loops, thus "locking the loops in place".  It's easy to do, fast, fun, portable, and something different!  Using a locker hook (a crochet hook with a large needle 'eye" at the other end for yarn), fabric strips, yarn, and latch hook rug canvas you can make rugs, wall hangings, baskets, purses, frames, clothing, blankets, kitchen and home decor, personal accessories, and so much more!  Using latch hook rug canvas as the foundation opens up endless possibilies and creativity as you can use any material that fits through a canvas square!


Jo Jo Alaskan Stuffie
Alaskan Stuffies

My quilting and fiber arts background brings out my creative and fun side in my handmade Alaskan Stuffies.  They are crazy, colorful, soft stuffed polar fleece creatures that make you smile and laugh!   You'll find Alaskan Stuffies on kids t-shirts and greeting cards too!


It all started with my first grand-baby and they just kept multiplying! They are ready and waiting to be adopted!

Zentanlge Tile
Zentangle® Art

The Zentangle® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful abstract images by drawing repetitive structured patterns (tangles).  I am a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) and was personally trained by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the founders of Zentangle®, in Providence, Rhode Island.  Zentangle® is a registered trademark owned by Zentangle® Inc.  I am the student who said "I can not draw" (OK, stick figures!)...until I found Zentangle®!  Whether you tangle for fun, art and creativity, stress relief, therapy, anxiety, pain management, or boosting self esteem and confidence...anyone can do it and NO ART experience required! It's magical!  We are all artists and I can teach stroke at a time!  For more information about Zentangle® and to find a CZT near you go to:


I teach Zentangle® Workshops online. Sign up for a class and let me help you get started on your own Zentangle journey! Tangle Alaska website is

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